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What does a Celebrant do besides declare you married?

As a Celebrant I believe I have three main roles.

Firstly, to make sure you are legally married which includes advice if you have been married before and the minimum age for marriage, what identification documents you need, paperwork, the legal words that must be said at your ceremony and while you are honeymooning, I will register your marriage (and my gift is to pay for and obtain your official marriage certificate). I will be able to advise you and ensure you comply (that’s why I'm trained and registered).

Next my role is to design a ceremony that is unique and personal to you by spending time together to listen to your story, discuss your ideas and options available and provide samples. Besides the legal words, you can have whatever you like by way of music, poems, readings, vows, rituals, even how you enter your ceremony or where you stand – after all it is Your Wedding. I have a fantastic Samples Book that will help you here.

Thirdly I have the honour of delivering your very memorable ceremony, whether that be with just you, the happy couple and your two witnesses, or a larger gathering with family and friends.

Of course the right Celebrant will do much more to make sure you have the wedding of your dreams – just ask, I would love to hear your story!!!

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