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Wedding Cake Taste Testing with Magnolia Cake Boutique

  1. Last Monday I had the opportunity to meet two of the faces behind the Magnolia Cake Boutique - Maria Jose & Paola Velasco - their accents are as divine as these women.

  2. What I thought was to be a simple taste test (you know like the ones at the ice cream parlour), turned out to a wonderful morning, drinking tea from fine china, chatting like old friends and of course eating (not just tasting) some delicious cakes, all specially made gluten free to cater for my allergy.

  3. Despite all the eating and talking, I did manage to ask some "cake" questions of Maria and Paola:

  4. Why Magnolia? Its the same word in both English and Spanish, the latter being our native language.

  5. Why did you come to Australia? We had holidayed here with our husbands and fell in love with this country, the people and the way of life. Australia is now our home.

  6. How do your creations cope with our temperatures and humidity? Variation of ingredients and textures depending on the temperature and the cakes are created very close to the ceremony date.

  7. What is a fake or dummy cake? Looks exactly like the edible cake and used for expos and displays. Also in hot weather or no air conditioning, our clients might opt for a "fake cake" for the photos, with the real cake kept in the fridge and cut up for eating. But how do you cut a fake cake I asked, well these clever women had thought of that and within the dummy cake there is a section of real cake for that very important "cutting of the cake" photo. (PS not sure if I have explained that properly but just ask these experts). Another great use of a dummy cake is where you only need one cake to serve your guests, but your dream cake is tiered. Well you can have your cake and eat it too - ie a combination of real and dummy tiers. Back to the interview......................

  8. Can you have different types of cake in the one wedding cake? Certainly. Each floor (ie tier) can be a different flavour and for people like you (that is me the interviewer) you could have one floor "with gluten" and one "gluten free". Happy days says me as now us GFs can enjoy wedding cake with everyone else!

  9. This may be a silly question, but some of your cakes seem to defy gravity? Maria let me into a secret hubby is a structural engineer (say no more).

  10. How do I get the cake to the wedding venue? Magnolia Cake Boutique deliver - Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast - and will co-ordinate the set up with the event planner.

  11. By the end of my questions I had finally worked out which was my favourite cake. I left Magnolia Cake Boutique with two new friends and another little Lemon Cake with White Chocolate Cream which I had planned to share with my husband but alas for him, I devoured it before he returned home from work. After all I am the celebrant not him.

  12. By the way, I get no financial or other benefit from this Blog or recommending Magnolia Cakes - I do it because I love the taste, the look and very importantly the people behind this amazing business.


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