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SEVEN STEPS & YOUR WED! Getting married, planning your wedding, here's a guide for your ceremony.

Step 1 - Waiting for your partner to walk up that aisle can be nerve racking. A reassuring word, a chat about what you did that morning, a good old fashioned joke - my repertoire for keeping the waiting partner calm and relaxed.

Step 2 - If someone significant in your life is walking you up the aisle then a kiss, a handshake, a hi-five or your own private few words when you arrive can be very special.

Step 3 - I love getting to know you both by spending time together and asking you to complete a questionnaire in the privacy of your own home. I will then write your unique story which is always sent to you as a draft (with the full ceremony) weeks before your wedding for approval. And of course you can make as many changes as you like.

Step 4 - In addition to the Legal Vows, you can write your own Personal Vows and of course I am here to help. See my blog on this very topic.

Step 5 - The Kiss. Each one is as unique as the couple and I always make sure to be "out of the picture" - after all you don't want your celebrant in your memorable kiss photo.

Step 6 - One Marriage Register, Two Certificates, Two Adult Witnesses and the signing is done.

Step 7 - You are married and it is time to PARTY!!!

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