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Park Weddings - the Do's and the Don'ts

  1. A Park can be a beautiful venue for your wedding, commitment or naming ceremony but turning up on the day without researching beforehand is a Definite Don't.​

  2. If your ceremony is in Brisbane, the Brisbane City Council website has a list of Parks which you need to book.

  3. These Parks are usually available from 8 am to 7 pm everyday and the minimum booking is for two hours.

  4. On the website, if you click on the Park you are interested in, you will see exactly where in the Park you can hold your ceremony, referred to as "designated sites".

  5. You will also be informed about capacity size, if there are any facilities included such as electricity, vehicle access and whether a marque can be erected. The best part is the virtual tour. The tour is perfect for those couples coming back to Brisbane for their ceremony and cannot physically checkout their potential venue.

  6. If you book a Park with the Council you are entitled to exclusive use of that "designated site" and any facilities in that designated area. However, you do not have exclusive use to other facilities in the Park such as barbecues, shelters, playgrounds etc.

  7. There is an online booking form and the Council may take at least 10 working days to process your application. If approved the Council will advise you on the fee charged and any additional costs eg electricity if available to your site.

  8. The booking form includes Terms & Conditions which you should read. For instance, you must strictly comply with the start and finish times of your permit, no confetti, rice, streamers etc are allowed, your designated site must be left clean and you may be liable for any damage.

  9. If you prefer your ceremony in a different part of the Park (that is not a designated site) you need to first discuss with a Council Officer for approval.

  10. If your Park is not on the Council list, you may still have your ceremony in that Park BUT:

  11. you are not entitled to sole use of any areas so if the Park is busy it may be difficult to find a private peaceful spot for your ceremony

  12. you cannot erect a structure such as a marque of more than 15 square metres.

  13. Depending on where your Park is located, each Local Council has their own requirements and booking procedures. Part of my service as your Celebrant is to research the Council requirements and help you with your booking application .

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