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  1. There are many ideas, far too many for one Blog so I have chosen a few of my favourites for the naming of a newborn or child (but with a few tweaks I can easily adapt them to a ceremony introducing a step or adopted child to the family, blending two families or an adult name change).

  2. If the timing is right, you could combine your wedding with the naming ceremony to make one very special event.

  3. With the invitations for your naming ceremony, include blank cards and ask your guests to write a message to the baby/child that they can read when older.

  4. Often naming ceremonies are held during the day but another possibility is at dusk with lots of candles creating a mystical atmosphere. Include a candle lighting ceremony where the parents or godparents say a poem or speech and together light the baby/child's candle (separate and distinctive from the decorative candles)

  5. And yes there's that word "godparent". It doesn't suit everyone and you don't even need "godparents" but alternatives include guide-parent or sponsor.

  6. Release of butterflies, a dove or balloons (always very memorable).

  7. Sand ceremony - there are many possibilities which we can chat about. A favourite of mine is that each of the baby's siblings pours a different coloured sand (each colour chosen being that sibling's favourite) into a vase or bottle and once all the sand has been poured in, the colours cannot be separated again. It makes a memorable keepsake of the day and symbolises the permanent joining together of those who took part in the sand ceremony.

  8. While no doubt lots of photos will be taken, make sure a friend takes a home video and asks all the guests to speak to the video camera with some words of inspiration or advice, perhaps to be replayed at another significant day like the child's 21st.

  9. There are many beautiful, inspirational, humurous words that can be said but two of my favs are "Oh the Places You'll Go" by Dr Seuss and a quote by the prophet Kahlil Gibran (see below).

  10. 📷📷

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