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Getting to know your Marriage Celebrant (that's me!)

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

My marketing guru tells me I need to start blogging and that my first piece should be about me. So after some hesitation here goes:

  • Passionate about life - I'm a participator not a spectator, ask my Ballroom/Latin dancing instructor!

  • A romantic - I love every aspect of weddings and commitment ceremonies, from a little girl dreaming of her own wedding day, to a young woman making that dream a reality, to now years later still reading bridal magazines and watching wedding shows

  • Professional and well organised - I'm a Virgo which means I am a stickler for detail but a pain to live with (or so I'm told)

  • A Westie lover and no doubt if you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or my Blogs you will see numerous photos of my much loved and terribly spoilt West Highland White Terrier, Angus

  • Book fiend - a member of two book clubs. And Yes, we do discuss the books, along with downing copious amounts of wine and cheese

  • Queen of Netflix & Princess of SBS- you name it and I've probably seen it

  • Past life - I was a lawyer and built up a successful practice. I believe I’m well equipped with people skills and great with the paperwork (which makes the legal requirements of marriage a breeze)

  • Dislikes - being a coeliac (as I absolutely love food), exercise (all forms) and people that don't say thank you

  • Favourite place - my couch on a Friday night with a glass of pink Moscato (yes I like the sweet stuff) and the Westie on my lap

  • Greatest achievement - mastering social media (thanks to the help of my four children and marketing wiz)

  • Personal Dream and now a Reality - to marry people regardless of gender but simply because of the love they share

Thanks for reading! I'll check back in later.

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