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Cultural Traditions for Your Wedding

  1. When planning your wedding day, you may want to incorporate a cultural tradition in your wedding ceremony - whether it's a custom that has special meaning because of your family's nationality or background, or you choose a custom for its symbolism or simply because it's unique and memorable or just plain fun.

  2. There are many cultural traditions and as the Celebrant, I love helping my couples choose the right tradition for them.

  3. At one of my recent weddings, as the bride and her family were from Germany we included an age old German wedding tradition. After I announced the couple married, a bed sheet with a huge heart drawn on it was held in front of the couple and they then cut out the heart in order to pass through. To enhance the challenge, the bridal couple were given the smallest pair of nail scissors to symbolise overcoming the first challenge in their new union. Once the heart was cut away, the groom carried his new bride through the heart with the guests applauding and screams of delight (me being one of the loudest).

  4. I even spoke in German for part of the ceremony! This was quite a feat given the only German word I knew when I met my couple was 'auf wiedersehen'. The bride and groom and their guests loved it though my pronunciation did get a few laughs!

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