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A Naming Ceremony is a non-religious celebration welcoming an individual to family and friends.  Traditionally this type of ceremony is for naming your newborn but Naming Ceremonies are appropriate for any age whether it be the arrival of a baby, introducing a step or adopted child to the family, blending two families or an adult name change - there is no age limit.

A Naming Ceremony is not a baptism or christening and holding a Naming Ceremony does not prevent the child from being baptised or christened at any stage of their life.  

Naming Ceremonies have no legal status and any certificate provided is commemorative only. To register a name you must lodge the required paperwork with the Department of Births, Deaths & Marriages in your State or Territory.

Your Naming Ceremony can be held at a venue of your choice but some suggestions are a family home or garden, shady park, quiet beach.

I have many ideas to make your ceremony special but just a few include a time capsule, planting a tree, photo board, lighting a candle, release of a dove or balloons or a sand ceremony.