Below are some of the questions people often ask.  If you want a more detailed explanation or your query has not been considered, please call or email - I would love to hear from you.

Why would I want a celebrant?

Organising a ceremony can be stressful and overwhelming and with the many choices on the Internet, quite daunting.  My role is to help you by listening, providing ideas & samples, creating a unique ceremony script and officiating at your ceremony. For weddings I must also ensure you comply with the legal requirements to marry in Australia.

What qualifications should my celebrant have?

Under Australian law only a registered celebrant can marry you. With all other ceremonies, the celebrant does not need to be registered but it is recommended.


The Attorney-General's Department keeps a list of all registered celebrants that you can check here.

How do I choose a celebrant?

There are numerous ways to pick your celebrant but the most important is that you and the celebrant "click".  The celebrant should make you feel at ease, comfortable like chatting with a friend.  The only way to find out if we have that rapport is by us talking and that's why I offer a no charge no obligation first meeting.

Where do we meet?

All of my meetings are held in Brisbane and surrounding areas.  The venue can be your choice - your home, my home, a coffee shop - wherever you feel most comfortable.  With funerals clients usually prefer the comfort of their own home.

Can a ceremony be held during the week?

Definitely, I am more than happy to attend your ceremony at any time and in fact offer a 10% discount for ceremonies held from Monday to Wednesday (not applicable for funerals).

How long is the ceremony?

The length of your ceremony will depend on what you want to be included in the service but generally speaking, it is advisable to keep the ceremony to no more than 30 minutes (with the exception of Kiss Me Quick Weddings which tend to be approximately 10 to 15 mins).

Is there any chance you would cancel?

I may choose to cancel if full payment is not received 14 days before the date of your ceremony (See Pricing & Fee Policy Page).  
In the event of an emergency and I could not attend your ceremony, I am a member of the Professional Celebrants Association and would help you find a suitable replacement.

What is the difference between a commitment ceremony and a wedding?

The difference is that a Wedding is legally binding and a Commitment Ceremony is not.  A Commitment Ceremony may include all the non-legal components of a Wedding such as the exchange of vows and rings, a reading, poem, music, rituals but the Commitment Ceremony is not recognised by law.

Why would I choose a commitment ceremony?

A Commitment Ceremony is often chosen by couples who don't wish to marry or are not free to marry (for instance their previous marriage is still valid).

Do you have any additional costs I should know about?

My fee for each service is set and includes attending your ceremony outside of Brisbane as far as the Sunshine/Gold Coast & Hinterlands, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Warwick, the Bay Islands and Northern NSW (as far as Byron Bay).  This may be particularly cost-effective if you live in Brisbane (where we can meet) but your ceremony is at one of these destinations - there are no additional travel costs.  All wedding rehearsals are held in Brisbane with an extra charge for a rehearsal outside of Brisbane.

Can our celebration of a commitment ceremony prevent us from later legally marrying in Australia?

No, provided you satisfy the legal requirements of marriage. For example, now that same-sex marriages are legal in Australia, a same-sex couple that has already celebrated a commitment ceremony can still have a legal wedding (whether that be a full customised wedding or you may only want to "do the legals" with a Kiss Me Quick Ceremony). Another example is when a couple may not be able to marry as a previous marriage is still valid, that couple may choose a commitment ceremony now and once the divorce is formalised, they can legally marry.

Do I have to have a rehearsal?

You do not have to have a rehearsal. However, for Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies it is recommended as knowing where to stand, technical issues as to music and audibility, position of the signing table etc help minimise any confusion and stress on the day. The rehearsal should be held as close as possible to the ceremony date and ideally at the same location and approximate time as the actual ceremony. My set fee includes a rehearsal in Brisbane.

What is the difference between a funeral and a memorial service?

The difference is that a Funeral is usually held within a short time of the deceased passing, at a funeral home, church or crematorium with the body present. A Memorial Service can be held anywhere as there is no body present and may take place a short time after the deceased passing or a longer period such as the first anniversary of their death. Both services are a celebration of the deceased's life.